Amos Oz – The Nature of Dreams

Israel 2009 86 Minuts

Amos Oz – The Nature of Dreams
Israel | 2009 | 86 min

A portrait of the renowned Israeli author Amos Oz, following his memoir, “A Tale of Love and Darkness” and his political struggle for peace in the Middle East for the last two years.

Exploring the persona of Amos Oz, the film opens a rare window into the world as observed through the eyes of one of Israel’s greatest authors. Oz is a man who, it has been said, knows Israeli society inside out – since he is an outsider, in a very profound sense, of all worlds.

This is a journey in the footsteps of Amos Oz, his literary writing, and his political beliefs. The journey takes us through his memoir, “A Tale of Love and Darkness” and follows him over a period of two years in his efforts to promote the Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The film won the Special Audience Award for “Best Story Film” in “Film for Peace” Festival in Italy, September 2010.


Directors & producers Yonathan & Masha Zur

Production Company Yonathan & Masha Films

Co-Producer Philippa Kowarsky

Cinematography Boaz Yehonatan Yaacov, Eyal Ben Moshe, Ron Bavarsky, Yonathan Zur

Editor Yonathan Zur

Music Avi Benjamin

Sound Designer Aviv Aldema

World Sales Cinephil

Design Or Moran

Photography Goni Riskin

Archives Rinat Dvir


DocAviv Israel 2009

Melbourne International Film Festival Australia 2009

Festival Letteratura Italy 2009

Zagreb Film Festival Croatia 2009 – competition

UK Jewish Film Festival UK 2009

DOK-Leipzig Germany 2009


RIDM Montreal Canada 2009 – competition

Calgary Jewish Film Festival Canada 2009

Toronto Jewish Film Festival Canada 2010

The International Writers Festival in Jerusalem Israel 2010

A Film For Peace Italy 2010 Special Audience Award for “Best Story Film”

E-DOC Ecuador 2010

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival USA 2010

Israeli Film Festival (LA & NY) USA 2010-2011

FICJA Argentina 2010

Warsaw Jewish Film Festival Poland 2010 – competition

Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival USA 2011

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival USA 2011

Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival Denmark 2011

Seattle Jewish Film Festival USA 2011

Westchester Jewish Film Festival USA 2011

Rochester Jewish Film and Book Festival USA 2011

International Film Festival of Uruguay 2011

Israeli Documentary Film Festival of Budapest Hungary 2011

Berlin & Potsdam Jewish Film Festival Germany 2011

Milan Jewish Film Festival Italy 2011

Bucharest Jewish Film Festival Romania 2011

Sau Paulo Jewish Film Festival Brazil 2011

Films from the South Festival Norway 2011

Rutgers New Jersey Jewish Film Festival USA 2011

Buffalo Film Festival USA 2011

Annual Jewish Book & Arts Fair in Houston USA 2011

Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival USA 2011

Vienna Jewish Film Festival Austria 2011


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